Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Before my DS surgery last week I did a lot of things to get ready for it. I cleaned the apt, went grocery shopping for the things I needed after surgery, ate out A LOT (Cheesecake Factory, Posados, La Madeleine, etc.), drank LOTS of sweet tea and 'real' Dr. Pepper (had to get all those 'last meals' in before the big day), and I also took 'before' pictures, as well as measurements. I want to be sure and document my progress along the way through photos and measurements. I've seen lots of people do so and the comparisons are amazing. I can't wait! So here they are. They are terrible, but necessary.

Sunday, June 27th, 2010
Waist measurement - way tight 60"

Bust measurement - 58"

Hip measurement - the measuring tape wouldn't even reach around to measure
Bicep measurement - 20"
Thigh measurement - 32"
Current clothing size - 26/28, 30/32
Shoe size - 11 (sometimes wide)
Bra size - 48 B


  1. I see the skinny girl in there!!Can't wait to see some during shots and eventually the after. You are on your way!

  2. You worded this so well. "They are terrible but necessary" I felt the exact same way about my before shots. I can remember feeling so uneasy - I didn't even smile. I can see the excitement for future things in your eyes in these pictures.

    Again, I know this is hard so thank you for sharing. Between you and Keelie you totally give a girl hope and courage to do this battle. ox