Friday, June 25, 2010

Last Day

Today is my last day of work before surgery, and I cannot concentrate to save my life. I’m excited to be having surgery, starting this new life, and quite honestly I’m more than happy to take a month of work. ;-) This week has seemed extremely long and I get more nervous as the days go by. Especially since people keep asking me if I’m nervous. Lol!

I’ve been ‘nesting’ all week as well. I want everything to be clean and in order when I leave Monday morning. That way things will be neat and clean when I arrive home later in the week and am not feeling so great. It’ll be awhile before I feel like dusting behind the TV again so I’m getting it done this week.

This week has also just reiterated for me that I am doing the right thing by having surgery and getting healthy. The heat is killing me and I can barely breathe when I’m out in it. I even decided to not attend an all day outdoor concert on Saturday for that reason. I HATE HATE HATE when my weight is the reason I cannot do things. The size 26/28 pants I’ve been wearing are barely fitting now and yesterday I noticed a hole in them between the legs. You know, where the fat rubs together. My knees and the rest of my body are full of aches and pains, especially since I had to stop my Celebrex two weeks before surgery. Celebrex helps to relieve the pain, tenderness, swelling, and stiffness caused by arthritis, which the amount of weight on my knees has caused. But because it’s an aspirin product and could keep your blood from clotting, it had to be stopped.

I’m just ready. This is my last Friday as a fat person. Oh sure, I’ll still be fat next Friday, BUT I’ll be doing something about it. :-)


  1. :) I am soooooooooo happy for you, I have waited 3 years for you to come to this decision...and I KNOW you have made a great decision!!!! I will be right there with ya my dallas 1513 we are on the way to stealth lol. Bringing my scissors when I come to babysit...LOLOL lemme at those OLD CLOTHES :) I love you Rooney!

  2. You know until you mentioned something about it, it never dawned on me that my thighs rubbing together were what has ruined a few pairs of jeans for me. Now that I know that I'm going to work twice as hard while working out.

    Congrats to you on going through with all this. I'm reading your blogs in order so I'm a bit behind - again I'm excited to get to witness your journey.