Tuesday, December 28, 2010

6 Months Post-Op

Today marks 6 months since I had the Duodenal Switch Procedure. I stepped up on the dreaded scale this morning and was pleasantly surprised at the number staring back at me. In 6 months I have lost 123 lbs!!! It's like I lost a whole person! I had been carrying the extra weight of a person on my back, literally. But now I'm down 123 lbs!!!!! Hip hip hooray & Bless God!

I was nervous, as usual, to step onto the scales this morning. I was especially nervous since this past weekend was Christmas and I did quite a bit of celebrating in the form of food. :- I ate more chocolate than I thought was humanly possibly. There were M&M's from my stocking, cookies from an exchange earlier in the week, cake balls, chocolate covered pretzels, and chocolate covered popcorn, just to name a few. I felt the need to sample these treats every time I walked passed them, hungry or not. My stomach would even start to hurt and grumble but I would continue to eat the sweets. Really? Thank God for a surgery that works, even when I do not work the way I should.

6 Months Post-Op photos!

The best part about taking these pictures this evening is that I had to keep pulling my pants up. They are falling off of me! Yay! The shirt is even getting a bit baggyish too. Hooray!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Can Relate

I received a forward today from a friend with these weight related quotes. I thought they were hilarious and I could absolutely relate!

"I have metal fillings in my teeth. My refrigerator magnets keep pulling me into the kitchen. That's why I can't lose weight!"

"What fits your busy schedule better, exercising on hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?"

I'm going to order a broiled skinless chicken breast, but I want you to bring me lasagna and garlic bread by mistake."

"If you put a crouton on your sundae instead of a cherry, it counts as a salad."

"The handle on your recliner does not qualify as an exercise machine."

"I was going to wake up early to go jogging but my toes voted against me 10 to 1."

"My doctor told me to start my exercise program very gradually. Today I drove past a store that sells sweat pants."

"The healthiest part of a donut is the hole. Unfortunately, you have to eat through the rest of the donut to get there!"

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Target Clothes

Okay, get this...I bought a pair of jeans from Target! Yes, me! No, for real! Can you believe it?! TARGET CLOTHES!!! Me! I know you are thinking, "That's common and everyone does it." Not this big girl...not until now!

I was floating on air two weeks ago when I purchased my first pair of jeans from Target. I've never been able to wear clothes from there before. Yes, they were still plus size, but I could shop at a regular store just like anybody else. I've needed new jeans for awhile now. When others start to notice your pants are too baggy it's a bit embarrassing. I attempted to buy some at Wal-Mart a few weeks back, but after trying them on they were too short, tight, and looked cheap. Of course I don't want to spend much money on clothes as I shrink through the sizes, but still, I want them to look alright. I really didn't think the Target jeans would work either, but I figured why not check them out. I was nervous putting them on and zipping them in the dressing room. I nearly teared up when was able to get them on! I was on a natural high when I left the store that evening.

I was completely bummed out when I wore them the next day and the zipper wouldn't stay up. I figured it was because I was too big for them and was making them bust at the seams. That night when I got home I inspected them and the bottom of the zipper was missing the little clasp thing that holds it together. Yay, it wasn't me! I returned them to the store and sadly, they didn't have any others in that size and color. After going to two more Targets, I found the size and color I wanted and was thrilled once again. So much so that I got brave a tried on a few shirts, which fit also. How cool is that? I did the smart thing and only bought one. ;) You can't imagine the feeling of being able to shop for clothes at Target if you'd never been really overweight. I normally just shop at Lane Bryant & The Avenue and have to pay their expensive prices because that's what fits. Not any longer! Yippee!!!! I've even asked for a Target gift card for Christmas so I can do a little more damage in the clothing department. I can't wait! ;-)