Sunday, April 3, 2011

Grocery Shopping

These were the contents of my shopping cart Saturday afternoon. I had hardly anything at home so it was a must to get some groceries. I'm trying to stick to my eating plan and watch my carbs. I think I turned every item over to check the carbs before it went into the basket and lots of things were rejected. It was the hardest thing ever! Ha! I had to pretty much run past the Easter aisle because the Cadbury eggs and M&M's were calling my name pretty loudly, screaming actually. I kept looking at my basket and thought "It's almost sickeningly good & healthy." Ha! As you can tell I had to force myself to shop like this. But I did it and was super happy afterward!

I had to share this find. I drink water all day, however I rarely drink it plain. I have to add flavors to it. Before I went to the store I saw a commercial for this new water enhancer. It's a liquid add-in instead of powder. I just had to dry it out. I was glad to see there was a display at Kroger. It was very picked over, but I managed to get a fruit punch and sweet tea. I was very excited about the sweet tea since I'm pretty much addicted to sweet tea, but it doesn't really fit in too well with being healthy and bringing those pesky triglycerides down, so now I can have it with 0 g sugar & 0 g carbs. Yay! I've already used them quite a bit since yesterday and I definitely recommend them.

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  1. This may not be a question you want to answer on a blog but it's one that I would like to ask someone who's been there - does that make sense? If you don't want to answer, I totally understand. I've been looking into some kind of weight loss surgery for my husband. The cost is staggering. Did your insurance pay for any part of the surgery? Did you just pay the bill on your own? Thanks. Again if you don't want to answer, I understand. Mollyl