Thursday, April 7, 2011

9 Months Post-Op

I finally took my 9 Month Post-Op photos tonight. 9 months was March 28th, but I just hadn't taken the time to take them. I did weigh myself on March 29th and my total weight loss so far is 150 pounds!!!! Yay!!!! I lost 11 lbs in the last month, which really made me happy, considering I had only maintained the month before.

I finally made it to my surgeon's office on March 8th for my six month check-up, which was really 8 months! I had done blood work back in January to check all my vitamin levels, so I got the results of those at my appointment. They check a total of 16 things each time I have my blood drawn; CBC, CMP, Iron, TIBC, B-12, 25-OH Vitamin D, PTH (Intact) and Without CA+, Lipid Profile, HG A1C, TSH, HIV, IGG H. Pylori Antibody Titer, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Zinc, and Transferrin. If you know what any of that means, let me know! lol! All I know is they take vial after vial of blood! Thankfully most of my blood work was good. I hadn't been measuring any of the stuff I was eating or drinking so it was hard to report back about how much protein, water, and fat I'd been getting. I was told to increase my protein since my levels were low normal, get structured activity, and stop the sweets, pasta, and breads since my triglycerides were elevated.

I've also started seeing a counselor, which is going really well. I've added a lot of structure to my life, including journaling what I eat so I know how much protein, fat, carbs, water, and exercise I'm getting. I wasn't too excited about the journaling suggestion from the counselor and even resisted at first, but am doing much better now. Counseling is helping me to begin to change my way of thinking and concept of myself. In short it's great and I recommend it to everyone.

So I look lop-sided, as a normally do when I take these back shots, however, I think the back fat is FINALLY starting to go down. I glanced in the mirror this morning when I was getting ready and I to believe the back rolls have started shrinking! Yay! It's about time! Ha!


  1. You look like you're shrinking!! I think a counselor is a great idea; 150 lbs is a lot of change & that's their speciality; helping people through change. Good Luck!

  2. Congrats girl the images from month to month are awesome! You look fantastic. I am a huge supporter of journaling what you eat/tracking food. I use to track my food but often times think an actually, old school journal in my purse would be handy at times when I can't get to my computer.

    Keep up the great work! We are all pulling for you!!!