Sunday, January 30, 2011

7 Months Post-Op

It's been 7 months since surgery and I can't believe it. Time has really flown. I weighed myself this morning and was very excited by the number on the scale. I've lost 139 lbs in the last 7 months! Praise God! Thank you Jesus! :) I've seen a light at the end of the tunnel for awhile now, but today it seemed even more real. I'm really going to do this. One day I'm really not going to be fat, overweight, plus size. It's definitely in reach now.

I took my 7 months pics this evening. They are little far away as this was my first time to use my new camera on my tripod. I didn't realize it until much later. I'll do better next time! Hopefully you can still see my shrinkage! ;-)

At this point in my weight loss I've gone down many sizes and have had to purchase some new clothes. Clothes shopping used to be the most horrible task ever. Now it's only horrible because I can't buy everything that fits! Yay! It's a great problem to have.

I purchased this new sweater, cami, & pants a few weeks ago at Lane Bryant. I figured I better use my Christmas giftcard before I'm smaller than a 14, which is their smallest size. ;-) I'm not there yet, but I'm running toward it!

I decided against these pants and this shirt. Guess what? The shirt was too big! Whoo hooo! I would have gone for the smaller size because I thought it was cute, but it was the only one on the clearance rack. Oh well.

I also hit up a consignment store the other day. I need to get some deals on these new clothes since I'm going through the different sizes so quickly. These pants were too short, unfortunately, but I did purchase this shirt. It's too big, but it was $4.50. Um yeah, when it's that cheap I'll take it!

Guess what brand these $10 jeans were?! Tommy Hilfiger! I was excited to buy them because a brand name like that totally fit me. They are probably "so last season" but I will wear them with pride.

Yay for the last 7 months of progress! Thank you to everyone who continually supports me in this journey. It really does mean the world! ;-)


  1. oh my goodness you are looking stunning! i am so pleased for you!

  2. You look amazing! I am so excited to see how wonderfully you shrunk! I am starting my journey on Feb 28th as long as I get insurance approval!

  3. Kristi, you are doing awesome! You look great. See you soon.

  4. Whoa!! These pics are amazing! SOrry I am just now seeing this-. The one of you in the khakis and purple shirt is SO cute and its right next to your starting picture. WOW--so amazing. I am so happy for you.:)