Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Exciting NSVs

I love when the scale shows a smaller number, but I also love those Non-Scale Victories. They mean just as much to me and are oh so exciting. Here are a few that I thought I'd share with you.
I took this pic awhile back when I was able to fit into this shirt again. It was SO exciting for me. I had bought it back in 2008 and hadn't worn it in ages because it didn't fit. And these pants are actually huge now and I was just excited they were fitting here! Love this NSV!

Weird pic, huh? lol. For me this is huge. Back in October, Deborah decorated my desk with some cutesy rings and these bracelets for my birthday. Shockingly I was able to put these bracelets on. They fit over my hands. That's HUGE! I've always had to buy jewelry at the plus size stores, or not wear it at all, when it came to many rings and bracelets.

I took this pic back in September before Keelie & I did the Hills & Heels 5K. These capri pants were falling off of me, which was an incredible victory considering I couldn't wear them before surgery in June.

This side view was taken the next day before we headed to the 5K. Shirt size...2X. Incredible. AND, the pants were starting to get baggy! It's truly amazing.

This picture was taken on Easter Sunday, April 2010. As you can tell this shirt is looking a bit tight.

I had it on again here, in May 2010, at a Komen meeting. Sadly, this is the day the local news crew came and filmed us for a special that aired the week of the Race. Notice the shirt sticking nicely to the busting out roll. Yeah.

But excitingly, here I am today, in the same shirt. It's big & baggy and the neck is so loose now that my bra kept showing all day.

And today was the last day for me to wear these size 26 pants. Pants which I couldn't fit into before surgery. I probably should have stopped wearing these awhile back, considering my 24's are already big, but hey, my wardrobe is limited right now so I continued to wear them. Yes, the wardrobe is limited now, but for a completely different reason than before surgery. Yay!
These Non-Scale Victories thrill me! Yes the decreasing number on the scale is wonderful, but these victories make me over the moon! :-) I look forward to the ones yet to come!


  1. LOVE these! The shirt up top is sooo cute! I remember the honeymoon phase of all those incredible NSVs--which they came as often now. They are the BEST motivators. You look wonderful--keep it up!

  2. I know exactly how you feel! I had some shorts I was dying to fit into and finally accomplished that this week! It is amazing isn't it?? Good job!!

  3. Good for you; it's amazing to see your progress in what feels like a short period of time.

  4. You're looking amazing!! I love the feeling of fitting into smaller clothes, almost more that the numbers on the scale!!

  5. Kristi, you are looking amazing! "Keep on keeping on" as they say. Hugs...