Saturday, August 28, 2010

Two Months Post-Op

I can't believe it's been two months today that I had my DS surgery! The time has really flown by and I'm really feeling quite well. I've been back to work a month now and have successfully started a workout routine. I've completed the first two weeks of C25K!!! I weighed at my primary care doc's office this week (dang allergies/sinuses) and as of Thursday, August 26th I had lost 49 lbs. Whoo hooo!

Headed to the lake this afternoon!

2 months post-op progress photos

I did week 2, day 3 of C25K on my elliptical tonight. I had put the last workout off since I hadn't felt well this week and it was time to get it in before I started week three tomorrow. This was my 'proof' photo that I sent to Keelie to confirm I followed through on doing it! Using the elliptical was good. It was different, but still felt like a really good workout. I just went a lot faster during the jogging times. As you can see, I was still breaking a good sweat! ;-)


  1. You are doing SO awesome! I love hearing about your progress with Couch to 5K! So inspiring!

  2. That's amazing! Keep up the good work girl!

  3. Look at you!!! You are rockin it! I downloaded the C25K app but I haven't worked up the courage to start it yet...I don't have a Keelie to help kick my butt in gear! Good job, your progress and determination is an inspiration.

  4. Wow, you are looking great!

  5. Good job with your workout routine. Your progress pictures are inspiring! I can see quite a difference already. Way to go!

  6. You looked SO pretty yesterday (same pic from above in car)!!! I am so happy for you and your progress. The sparkle in your eye--which you have always had--is getting brighter each day.


  7. Keep up the great work! I never ever thought I'd be able to do the C25K, and here I am at week 8 already, running 14 minutes at a time!!!! You can do it!

  8. Hi Kristi -
    I just presented you with an award!! Come pick it up at my blog if you want. :)