Friday, September 17, 2010

So this whole working out thing...

I hate it. I mean really DESPISE IT. I'd rather clean litter boxes, pooper scoop the yard, or do toilets instead of exercise. Do you understand my hatred for it?!

So I've been working out for 4 weeks now. Yes, I've worked out previously in the last 30 years, but the times have been few and far between. Now if you are keeping track of when I started working out you know if should have been 5 weeks by now. Yeah, I didn't do anything last week. Nothing. My elliptical that sits snugly beside my bed stared me in the face and I just turned my head. I'd like to blame it on being out of town for Labor Day, heading back out of town the next weekend to celebrate a 1st b-day, the laundry & packing I needed to do, and the rest I needed to get. But let's face it, I was home for three days and did nothing. And I'm pretty sure my family and friends wouldn't have minded me working out when I was at their houses either. I just chose not to. Yup, that was my decision. And boy has it kicked my booty this week.

So I'm on week 4 of C25K. Week 4 consists of the 5 minute warm up, 3 min jog, 1:30 min walk, 5 min jog, 2:30 min walk, 3 min jog, 1:30 min walk, 5 min jog, 5 minute cool down, and then go home and crash. By Wednesday I still hadn't done any of it so I decided it was time to get off my rump. I got home late though so I decided to do it on my elliptical; just go much faster on the running intervals as I did once before in the past. I was sweating bullets and feeling the burn, but I survived. There was definitely grunting during those 5 min jogs and I regretted the non-workouts from the week before, but I finished. Then there was last night...

Last night can only be described as an epic exercise FAIL. I wasn't even going to workout last night. I very much dislike working out two days in a row. I'm always so tired by the next day. However, I was in a funk mood yesterday and when I drove home I noticed it was super pretty so I thought exercise might help pull me out of the funk. Yeah, no. I started off alright. I finished the 3 min jog just fine and was in the neighborhood across from my apts. But that stinkin' 5 min jog came all too quickly. I tried, I really did. But with 2:53 left to go I walked. Grrr. I was irritated with myself. So after I minute of walking I ran the last nearly 2 min. 4 min in all, but not 5. At that point I was hurting. My stomach was hurting and I was so tired. I told myself I had to continue though. It was time for the next 3 min jog and unfortunately I was on an incline. It was killing me. I ran just a little bit of that one, got to a flatter surface and then ran again, but it was probably only 1:30 in all. At this point I'm frustrated, stomach still hurting, sweating profusely, and not entirely sure where I am. I mean, I know I'm still in the neighborhood but the streets all wind together and I didn't pay close enough attention to my surroundings when I started my exercising. I quickly found the road that led back to my apt but it was uphill and I didn't want to attempt the last 5 min jog going up that street. So what do I do? Run further away from home, although much running wasn't involved. I probably didn't even get a min in. I was DONE. My stomach was really hurting now and I had HAD IT! I had FAILED this stupid C25K. Doing it on the elliptical is NOTHING like actually running it. Instead of turning around and heading home uphill I kept walking in the direction I was going. Didn't this street curve back around to where I needed to be. Oh wait, it doesn't. Crap, where am I? The sun is setting and I'm semi-lost. Okay, not lost, but turned around. I could turn back around and go back the way I had come, but ugh, uphill. Then I see a main road in the distance and realize, yes, I have gone way out of my way and was not headed home. Instead of turning around I decided that walking down the grass embankment, hopping over the little stream, walking up the other side of the grass embankment was a good idea. REALLY? All that to avoid uphill?! Just as I was crossing the stream I though about snakes which freaked me out and had me going faster. Could I run from a snake? Uh, no. I finally got to the street I crossed the stream for and headed down it to hit the street that would eventually take me back home. I noticed it was dusk, which worried me because I was on a random street I didn't know. Then the white utility van slowly crept by. Oh my goodness! What if they jumped out and tried to throw me in and kidnap me? Edward from Twilight would not appear out of the shadows to save me as he'd done Bella. Man, dang it. I'd just be dead. The van passed, I realized I was insane, and kept going...and going and going and going. I got to my complex and had to sprint to make it through the gate since I didn't have my clicker with me. That did me in. I finally arrived home an hour after I had left. That stupid 31 min C25K had lasted WAY too long.

So yes, I do not like exercise. And what do I do now? I clearly didn't complete the week 4 workout. Quit C25K and do something else? Keep trying to do week 4 until I master it even if it takes a lot longer than it should. I don't know. Right now I can't think about exercising again. Everything from my hips down is sore.

Keelie & I after exercising two weeks ago. It was a happy, simpler time!


  1. You know... I hate running too. I won't like I have been doing the C25K program as well and I really don't like. So I have determined that isn't the type of exercise I should be doing. I would much rather go to yoga, ride a bike etc. I think you have to try different things until you find something that clicks with you. If you keep doing something you HATE how long are you going to do it? well if you're like me... not very long! You don't have like running and thats ok... try swimming, kick boxing, anything to get moving. MY next stop is kick boxing. I haven't done that yet, but I sure want to try.

  2. I hated running for a long time too. Its hard and it stinks, especially when first starting out. The C25K plan changed things for me though. I started it in April and I'm only on week 8, so I definitely didn't follow it accordingly. But its only 30 minutes (normally!) and its still challenges me to work hard. So what if you get behind a day? So what if you get behind a month, as long as you're still doing your best, you'll get there at some point. Promise!

  3. Why do you feel you "have" to complete this program at your weight? I say start off slow. Your body will hurt and not be enjoyable for you. I am about at your weight, and cannot imagine doing the program right now. Why don't you just walk every day? A lot less stress on your body, as well as mentally better for you. When you get under 200, for example, then I would do the C25K program. Good luck.

  4. I say - experiment with some other things, but keep plugging away at the running. It was the week of run 5, walk 3 in my 10 week running program that I HATED THE MOST. But the next week when it was run 7, walk2? It was like something clicked. Still hard, but for some reason, it came easier. And I just did my first 5K. Something I thought was totally impossible. So - who knows?

  5. Maybe do something you ENJOY instead? Zumba? Water aerobics? So many who hate exercise say that in order to succeed, they need something they like. I say check out something else!

  6. I agree with these people. However, I think I know us pretty well and the words enjoy and exercise don't necessarily go together. Do you HAVE to run? No. CAN you run? Yes. Was it something you didn't think you could do but you did? YES!!! That's the coolest thing of all.

    Whatever it takes to keep exercising, then I say do it. But just remember nothing is going to be easy and if it is, then it is probably not helping you that much :)

    I still think you could run the whole 5K at the Turkey Trot. Watch Biggest LOSERR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It started this week on Tues.

    Love ya! Looking forward to our race this weekend!! I will be registered by Sun. morning:)

  7. I read your post & thought the exact opposite of what you did. You thought epic fail since you didn't complete your "scheduled run." I thought epic accomplishment because instead of doing a 31 minute workout, it was over an hour since you started. You perservered & kept trying. Some days running just isn't fun. Some days it is. Some days your body is just too tired and some days you can go forever. I laughed at the snake part & all to avoid the hill. Just glad your next sentance wasn't "...and then I tripped crossing the stream & sprained my ankle;-)" Keep challenging yourself & know that you can do it if you really want to. Do watch the biggest loser; best show ever!!

  8. I LOVED this post... it sounds so much like ME!!! Right down to the paranoia of the white van creeping slowly by. Like anyone would want to kidnap ME! ROFL
    I have C25K downloaded on my iPhone & have been too chicken to start yet. Honestly, I know I would DIE. Literally DIE. I'm in South TX (even hotter & more humid than where I believe you are). The cool front that just blew in this week will be stealing my excuses though... if they'd only get those mosquitoes under control (I don't want St. Louis encephalitis). I say I start next week along with my new job!
    Far from being discouraging, you're INSPIRING me, girl. So, that should inspire YOU to keep on keepin' on. You can do it!!!
    Robin at Band on the Run

  9. I had to repeat weeks of C25K. There were sections that I just didn't feel I was ready to move away from. I think it's a pretty cool program and it's so flexible.

    If you feel that you want to continue running and that this is the program you want to follow to move forward with that goal, I think repeating a week would be a great idea.

    We all have to find the workout that does the most for us, including the mental aspect of working out. If you just HATE running, then maybe this is something that you'll want to revist later and give another go when you've progressed even further with your weight loss.

    I think you are asking the important questions and you are not thinking of quitting, you're just trying to find the right fit. That's so wonderful- I know that you will find what works best for you and you'll rock it out, hard core. :)