Saturday, August 21, 2010

43 lbs lost

I have lost 43 lbs in 7 weeks! Whoo hooo! Hip hip hooray!

I get nervous every time I weigh. I know I shouldn't live and die by the scale, but ultimately I do want the scale to reflect a loss every time. I actually had to end up going to the doctor this past Tuesday. After my first C25K adventure one of my incisions started to swell a bit and be red and sore. Great. I was a bit freaked as to what I may have done to it so I called the doc's office and they told me to come in so the PA could check it out. It turned out to be nothing big. It just got a bit irritated for one reason or another. Actually, by the time I got to my doc appointment it was already a lot better. Of course. The PA just said that it probably pulled away from the skin a bit and was not an issue. I even quizzed her about what kind of working out I should be doing at this point. I was secretly hoping she'd tell me not to run. Yes, I guess I'm still looking for excuses to not continue C25K. lol. She told me I should be doing 30 min of exercise a day and that I could do whatever I wanted, besides ab work, like crunches, etc. I'm not cleared for that until after 3 months post-op. I even questioned her. "It's okay for me to run at this size? My heart and breathing will be okay?" The answer was yes. Dang. lol. She did say that walking fast and jogging at this point were the same in affecting weight loss. I guess she knew I wasn't really sprinting or anything! It did cross my mind for a split sec to tell Keelie she said I couldn't run. Yes, I'm sometimes evil. lol. I did jokingly tell her I was only supposed to be doing the couch part of C25K. She didn't buy it. Ha. It was a good appointment though and I was thrilled and the number on the scale. I asked if I was on track with my weight loss and the PA said yes and that the doc would be pleased! Yay!

I've noticed in the last few weeks that my jeans are getting bigger and bigger. Another yay! This past week when I wore my jeans to work my friend kept singing "Pants on the Ground", courtesy American Idol this past season. I didn't even mind when she called me saggy butt. It thrilled me. I thought I'd share some saggy butt photos. They aren't the best, and ignore my junky apt, but you get the idea.


  1. I'm so excited for you, Kristi - that is awesome and you are definitely doing a great job! So happy for you. :)

  2. Wohoo!!! I'm jumping up and down for you! Your thoughts about how to get out of running sound a lot like what I tell myself. What would we do without friends who call our bluff? lol


  3. This is SO exciting! I'm so thrilled for you. Trust me once you get into the routine of working out you'll still hate it but you'll also learn to love it. It just takes getting to that point.

    I always joke that I have "doo doo butt" when my jeans sag like that. It's started with most of my normal jeans and aside from the thought of having to jean shop (it's a love/hate) I'm thrilled.

    Keep it up girl! ox

  4. Yay for baggy clothes! Woo Hoo! Good job. Stick to it, girl. That exercising will get easier and more enjoyable if you stick to it. :)


  5. Look at you!! You go girl!! Awesome job!

  6. AWESOME!!!! You look soooooo good!