Monday, March 28, 2011

St. Patty's - Then & Now

What a difference a year makes!

I have the same shirt on in both photos. Last year I was very self-conscious in it. I even wore a tank-top under it so it would hang out the bottom and hopefully cover up my big stomach a little more.

I loved the shirt this year! It was big and was a wonderful feeling! I wasn't self-conscious in it at all! I even enjoyed having pictures taken.

A few weeks ago my friend gave me the photo from last year after she had taken it off a bulletin board background she still had. I taped it up in my cubicle and look at it daily. It's just amazing to me. It's a TERRIFIC reminder of why I had the DS surgery!


  1. Wow!!! Won't be able to wear it next year! it already looks too big to me;)