Saturday, June 18, 2011


We had Mavs Mania Spirit Day at work on Friday. I love dressing up for all our work events so I headed to Wal-Mart Thursday evening to buy a Mavs shirt. I found a few that I liked the looks of, but wasn't sure what size to buy. I took a 1X to the dressing room and tried it on. It fit! It was a little too close fitting for my taste, but I figured I could stretch it out a little and it'd be perfect.

After I dressed for work Friday morning I realized I didn't even really need to stretch it out. How awesome is that?! I got lots of compliments too, which I loved. I still was self-conscious of the mid-section roll, but all in all I was happy with the way the 1x fit. I've never worn that size before, or at least not in any type of recent memory.

I ended up winning 'Landsafe's #1 Mavs Fan' as well, which is pretty hilarious if you know me and my 'I could care less' attitude regarding any and all sports. Don't get too excited for my win though. It was only between my friend Diannah and I. Everyone else were party poopers, but we still enjoyed our Mavs Mania Day. Go MAVS..and 1x shirts!

I had another exciting non-scale victory this week with the shirt below. My sis gave it to me back in the winter because she didn't like it, but when she gave it to me it was too tight. The buttons all pulled and I was NOT comfortable wearing it. I tried it on again this week and guess what?! It fits! Actually, it's big now! Yay! Love it!

Front view - Yes, I took pics in the bathroom at work again. Ha! And I cut my head off due to my lack of make-up Wednesday. ;-)

Side view - It's very full now and actually makes me look bigger than I am.

Same Side view - This is a little blurry, but I pulled the shirt on the opposite side to show how full it had been.

I love victories like these! Sometimes it's nice to not focus so much on that number on the scale. ;)


  1. Awesome, Kristi!!! You are doing so great - and I know I haven't seen you in person in a very long time, but from your pictures, you are starting to look so much taller! I know that you are very tall (well, compared to me, hehe), but that tallness is starting to show and looks really good on you. ;) Great job - and congrats on the nsv's! :)

  2. YAY, congrats. It's such an amazing feeling to go down a size or be able to fit into something new. I can totally relate:)