Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Target Clothes

Okay, get this...I bought a pair of jeans from Target! Yes, me! No, for real! Can you believe it?! TARGET CLOTHES!!! Me! I know you are thinking, "That's common and everyone does it." Not this big girl...not until now!

I was floating on air two weeks ago when I purchased my first pair of jeans from Target. I've never been able to wear clothes from there before. Yes, they were still plus size, but I could shop at a regular store just like anybody else. I've needed new jeans for awhile now. When others start to notice your pants are too baggy it's a bit embarrassing. I attempted to buy some at Wal-Mart a few weeks back, but after trying them on they were too short, tight, and looked cheap. Of course I don't want to spend much money on clothes as I shrink through the sizes, but still, I want them to look alright. I really didn't think the Target jeans would work either, but I figured why not check them out. I was nervous putting them on and zipping them in the dressing room. I nearly teared up when was able to get them on! I was on a natural high when I left the store that evening.

I was completely bummed out when I wore them the next day and the zipper wouldn't stay up. I figured it was because I was too big for them and was making them bust at the seams. That night when I got home I inspected them and the bottom of the zipper was missing the little clasp thing that holds it together. Yay, it wasn't me! I returned them to the store and sadly, they didn't have any others in that size and color. After going to two more Targets, I found the size and color I wanted and was thrilled once again. So much so that I got brave a tried on a few shirts, which fit also. How cool is that? I did the smart thing and only bought one. ;) You can't imagine the feeling of being able to shop for clothes at Target if you'd never been really overweight. I normally just shop at Lane Bryant & The Avenue and have to pay their expensive prices because that's what fits. Not any longer! Yippee!!!! I've even asked for a Target gift card for Christmas so I can do a little more damage in the clothing department. I can't wait! ;-)


  1. Good for you; you should post a pic with your new fab outfit. Keep it up & don't forget to exercise, even if you hate it (from the other day's post). It'll help you to tone along the way and you'll thank yourself later:-)

  2. That is awesome! Keep up the great {[hard}} work :) It's nice to have something to think about while resisting those Holiday cookies! (or at least for me it is!)

  3. Yes, pictures! That is awesome, Kristi!! I definitely know how you feel - I don't shop Target much because not much of anything fits (overweight and short is not a good combo for sure), but every now and then I can find something that works. It will be nice when my options get a little broader....if that ever happens the way I'm going!!! :) But so, so happy for you - that is so awesome and I know it's such a good feeling! *happy dance*

  4. YEAH!!!!! Target clothes!!!!!!!!! Congrats!! Enjoy the jeans like nobody's business!!!