Thursday, October 28, 2010

4 months post-op and 96 lbs gone!

I had my DS surgery 4 months ago today. I cannot believe it's already been that long. What I also can't believe, and am SO THRILLED about, is that in these past 4 months I have lost 96 lbs. Yes, 96 lbs!!!!! I weighed myself three times yesterday because I couldn't believe it. I thought surely the scale was wrong. That's 20 lbs in the last month! OH. MY. GOSH! I am so excited! No, it's hasn't all been a walk in the park, but it's been worth it. Even the days when I don't feel well because some food didn't agree with me, I'm still thankful for this procedure. It has definitely given me a whole new outlook on life. It's given me my life back. It's pretty awesome!
06-27-10 - day before surgery
I can't believe my eyes! This comparison has seriously taken my breath away!
10-31-10 - 4 months post-op
I was asked by a fellow blogger about what I eat. I eat a pretty big variety of things. The thing that really helps me is that my stomach is 2/3's smaller than it originally was so that gives me restriction. I also only absorb 20% of the fat I eat which I feel is my saving grace. I try to eat healthy though; lots of protein with salads or veggies. My breakfasts usually consist of 2 scrambled eggs, or an omelet that I eat on for half the day, or a cup of cottage cheese, sometimes along with a fiber bar. Lunches, as I said, may be salads, or some type of meat along with veggies and/or a salad. Don't get me wrong, there are times when I've had nachos as well. I just try to not make that a daily, or weekly, event. I've been trying to stay away from carbs as well; things like breads, pastas, rices, and potatoes. Unfortunately potatoes are one of my faves and I've had them one too many times lately. The good thing is I definitely can't eat as much of them as before surgery. My dinners are pretty random. Last night it was just cottage cheese because I felt kinda icky. Sometimes it's scrambled eggs, refried beans, fajita meat with the fixin's, minus the tortilla, tuna, chicken, whatever. I eat out a lot too, but try to make good choices. But like I said, I'm nowhere near perfect. This month, being my birthday month, I had a lot of celebrations and eating out so there was definitely an over abundance of chips to munch on and sweets to partake in. I think what I'm learning is that I can have those things occasionally. It just has to be in moderation. Not daily, like the old me. I also need to learn not to beat myself up when I do splurge. I'm not there yet, but trying. I don't want to feel so guilty every time I eat M&M's or crackers. I want to find that healthy fine line in between going hog wild over things and feeling total guilt from eating them. I will get there. It's a process.

What a difference 4 months make!

Thanks again for following me on this journey. I look forward to lots of more fun weigh-ins and before/after photos! :-)


  1. You look awesome and should be very proud of yourself!

  2. Awesome! That's so great! Keep it up, I bet you feel amazing:-)

  3. I'm so very proud of you, Kristi! You're doing such a good job and it's really showing! :) *hugs*